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I have been working with John for almost a year and in that time have attained a number of goals that were jointly set when our training sessions started. These included weight loss of one stone, reduction in waist size of 2 inches and an improvement of my half marathon recent PB. John's training methods, along with his enthusiasm to see me achieve, were key drivers in my achievement of goal after goal. Initial targets were achieved and then re-set before being achieved again. The initial fitness assessment was key to determining targets that were both achievable but also challenging. Training sessions were kept interesting through the innovative use of a variety of resistance training techniques that built up over time. These included advanced weight training systems such as pyramids, inverted pyramids, supersets, negative training, descending drop sets, pre-exhaustion, small angle and compound sets, all of which have contributed hugely to my goal achievement as well as keeping sessions interesting and motivational. As well as the actual sessions, John provided valuable advice on additional training for half marathons that included interval training, distance and diet and nutritional advice. I am in no doubt that this had lead to my recent half marathon successes and my desire to push further. Throughout my training regime with John, I have found him extremely knowledgeable with regard to not only effective training techniques, but also lifestyle changes that compliment the training regime.
Andy Clark
I approached John Lingley in September 2006 for help in fitness recovery and weight control: I was 140 KG with a huge BMI and in very poor shape. John took time to understand my health history and my current diet and then worked with me to develop a structured set of objectives, diet advice, and a training regime. I visit John 3 times a week. John has systematically built up my aerobic fitness and strength training making the sessions challenging but not excessive. This is quite a skill and John seems to be able to judge well how much I can safely extend myself and how best to motivate me. It is now April 2007 - I am down to 103 KG - a 37 KG reduction on my starting position - my blood pressure is back to normal - and I am getting fitter and stronger each week. Life changing stuff. The exercise programme continues to evolve as I regain my fitness and the ongoing advice on diet - both informal during our sessions and via the monthly newsletters - is extremely helpful. I have found having John as a partner in my health and fitness program to be invaluable - I want to succeed for myself of course but also not to let John down as he is so committed to helping me achieve my objectives.
DN Chalfont St Giles
I would like very genuinely to take a brief moment to express thanks for your efforts. As you know we came to you (Andy – my younger brother in mind) to improve his speed and power over short distances – this alone has been achieved somewhat in even a short space of time. Since working with you I have gained a greater insight into other aspects of his sport (football) which I am certain we can progress through your services. I have enjoyed your openness and informative outlook and we find the training sessions fun and beneficial. We are very keen to continue indefinitely and particularly interested in your ‘goal setting’ - program.
Chris Perring, Amersham
Training with you has enabled me to achieve a level of fitness I simply could not have reached on my own. Crucially for me, it has meant I now have the motivation and the skills to continue training independently, although I'm glad I know where to come when I need additional sessions to keep the motivation going! It was well worth investing in 15 sessions at the beginning to change both eating and exercising habits for the good. I really appreciated the fact that you emailed and phoned through advice and encouragement - so that the training continued out side of the sessions - having 'home work' gave me a goal to aim for each week. And the proof as they say is 'in the pudding' - a cumulative weight loss of a stone and the capacity to run for 5-6 K without having to stop! Perhaps more importantly, you have shown me how to achieve this without the need for expensive gym memberships and in a way that I can go on to incorporate in every day life.
Jenny Bowden
I started training with John in late 2005 with very specific targets in mind. I race high performance sailing boats and needed a training programme that fitted the level of fitness, endurance and strength required to compete at national level. I found John’s approach very open and consultative, he took the time needed to learn more about the specifics of my sport and then set about creating a very tailored programme that was both fun and testing. We are now half way through our season and I am pleased to say that the training has made a huge difference, with races lasting up to 4 hours, fitness has been the key to our success (we are currently leading the series). I highly recommend John for any specialist sport, his enthusiasm for learning about the sport and then translating that into a focused, goal oriented fitness programme is second to none.
Ian Schenkel
For the last 4 years I have been training for the Senior Women's Lacrosse World Cup and since October 2004 I have been fortunate to have John's help and advice with my training. To compete with the top class teams like America and Australia I have to make sure I am fast, strong, agile and aerobically fit and John has been a valuable and knowledgable trainer. He has studied the game of Lacrosse to enable him to tailor-make sections of my programme, which has been extrememly beneficial to my game.
Felicity Hermsen, (Wycombe)
I started training with John at the beginning of 2005 as part of the preparation in the run up to my wedding. In just 10 sessions, I had lost 7lbs, inches round my waist and hips, and dropped a dress size. In addition to the weight loss, my all round fitness, flexibility and health has improved immensely. John is a great trainer who helps you get results whilst also making it fun! I now feel very confident about my wedding day and have signed up for another 10 sessions to continue to improve my fitness!
Sarah Collyer (Amersham)
John has been working with me since July 2001 . Together we have been working on my goals of improving my overall level of fitness, general toning and losing a bit of weight. I have no hesitation in recommending him to others. He is very knowledgeable about all levels of fitness and diet as well as being very approachable and encouraging. He puts a lot of thought into what would work best for me and how I can achieve my goals. I am very impressed by how well prepared he is for our sessions and the amount of variety he designs into them. He describes his approach as achieving a balance between challenging me to work hard without pushing me to the point where I cannot face another training session. I would say he achieves that balance very well with me and I feel very satisfied with my results so far.
Mrs. J Hughes (Amersham)
I started working with John in the early part of this year with the main requirement being to improve my general fitnessa and speed around the tennis court. In the summertime we also worked on endurance training with a view to improving my half marathon times. This culminated in September when I ran the Windsor half merathon reducing my best ever time from 1hour 23 minutes to 1 hour 22 minutes, a feat I had not been able to achieve the previous 2 Windsor half marathons!!
I find John to be great fun to work with, being ever enthusiastic as well as innovative in the routines he give me. One of the original criteria I set John was variety,which he has satisfied with varying and differnt routines every week.
I am happy to recommend John to anyone looking to either improve their overall general fitness or to work towards a specific training goal.
Alister Mellor (Amersham)
Three months after major surgery, I decided to get fit for the first time in my life. Like many others, I went to the local gym, did all the wrong things, gave myself an injury and quickly became disillusioned. A chance referral to John has literally changed my life! After 30 sessions, the results are amazing - I can run for 25 minutes (when I started with John, I could run for only 15 seconds at a time); I am much stronger and more flexible; I have lost weight and feel much trimmer; my recurring back pain is gone; my balance has improved and I am actually enjoying physical exercise for the first time in my life.
Stella Donoghue (Little Chalfont)
I would like to thank you for your excellent training programme over the past 6 months. It feels great to be back in shape again. I now feel I have so much more energy and can face each day feeling positive and less stressed. You obviously gave a lot of thought to what I wanted to achieve, in particular my wish to improve my golf specific fitness. As a result, the exercises and activity routines you developed have succeeded in giving me greater flexibility, stamina and core stability. Now all I have to do is get my handicap down!
Adrian Towland
A short message to thank you very much for your nutrition and exercise regime over the past year. I have really enjoyed the sessions, they are very varied enjoyable and motivating. I found your constant monitoring with the use of your database of my improvement very helpful and motivating and your help and coaching with my diet was extremely professional and successful. I feel much fitter, less stressed and have more energy.
Dean Sanders
Dear John,
Just a quick note to thank you for the enthusiasm and motivation over the first 10 weeks of my new 'fitness regime' from a poor physical condition significant improvements have been made. Success can only be measured by facts and after 10 weeks I can now run for 40 minutes instead of 5 minutes, my weight has dropped by 6 kgs, my waist is 3 inches smaller and my blood pressure and resting heart rate had reduced. If I would have followed your instructions fully I am sure the improvement would have been even better. Please feel free to use this letter as an endorsement that your 'regime' will improve an individuals health and fitness.
Kind regards,
Ian Smith (Amersham)
I enlisted John's help with my goal being to enter the British national over 35s Squash championships and to try and be selected for the England team. He tried to improve my speed and endurance on the court and my muscular strength and endurance. This was achieved by circuit training, sprints, court drills, plyometrics and flexibility. I found John very knowledgeable and motivating and helped me gain a great self belief in myself. I am very pleased to say that I reached the semi finals of the British nationals only to lose to the eventual champion and I achieved my life long dream of playing for England! This would not have been possible if I did not have the enhanced fitness that the training programme gave me.
Claire Clyver
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